Award-winning trading Platform.


Next version of xStation (after Flash) - written in HTML/Javascript technology.

XStation is a platform for financial trading. Main target is Forex where instruments prices are changeing non stop (each 10 times per second). It was challenge to show all this numbers in view.

For frontend we decided to take AngularJS as dependecy manager. With Angular we are able to controll services, view, etc. All significant data binding we based on native JS - Angular disget loop is nightmare for performance.

To show data as tables we take library: SlickGrid.

First version used SocketIO to communicate with NodeJS.

One year later, after changing server API we used native WebSockects for communication. It was very good decision.


AngularJS, JavaScript, NodeJS, Socket.IO, SlickGrid, Canva, SVG, Less, Bootstrap, WebSocket, CAS, Karma, Jasmine, PhantomJS, ...